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Every woman, even men, gives great importance to hair care. Combing hair is also an importand part of the care. However, if you have problematic and difficult hair, you may have problems to find a suitable hairbrush. My hair is very fine and quickly static. My daughter has curly and hardly combed hair.
As we received our NuWay4Hair Brush package today, we were excited to see if there were any brushes that would meet our expectations. I have seen the NuWay brand on the Internet, which has a brush for every need and I was very curious.
I want to tell my first impressions honestly. I  received my brushes in a very short time, very securely packed the first full score from us. Inside the package were forms with brushes and explanatory information. In fact, I've been shopping online all over the world for years, and I've never bought another product that's so professionally packaged. The hair brushes have lovely pastel colors and a functional form

Traveler is a hair brush with a unique travel case. 

Of course we wanted to try our brushes right away. My daughter always cried while combing her hair, She combed her hair with NuWay for half an hour and she was singing during this time. I was finally able to brush my hair comfortably with this brush claiming to be anti-static.

I also want to talk about the features of NuWay hair brushes.

The brushes are patented by NuWay.

Tips infused with Argan Oil

Gently massages your scalp, stimulating hair follicles for healthier hair

Extremely Heat Resistant

No worried while hot blow drying, the BrainyBristles will not melt at 180C°/356°F.

Anti Bacterial

With built-in anti-bacterial materials, kills 99.9% of bacteria on contact. 

Double Dipped Bristle Tips

Helps massage the scalp stimulates hair follicles for healthier hair.

Reduced Static

Reduces statis electricitz in the hair when brushing, maintains smooth hair.

Built-in Tourmaline Ionic tecnology

Produces negative ions and closes the cuticle layer, creating shiny healthy hair. 

Junior hair brush 

Vanity hair brush is for every hair type, anti static, anti bacteriel, heat resistant and cares your hair with argan oil. 

My baby girl wants to have all 3 hair brushes. As I asked why she told me : Mummy I can use every day another hair brush. I am very happy to brush her hair without problems in future. And she was very proud to pose for my blog :)

The information forms. 

You can find more informations about NuWay hair brushes here.
You can also follow their social media accounts

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