June 17, 2019

Active Monday -24

Good morning everybody from 24. Active Monday week !!! For today I will share a booty workout with you. It is very important that we work our total body in a week for strong, lean muscles.  
Last week a reader asks me why am I sharing these videos. Sure motivation is a very important part to start with working out. But you have to be active and not only watch them. I help hundred of women with my health and motivation tipps at my healthylifestyle blog deryaninsporgunlugu.com

So I wish you all an active and healthy week. Enjoy your video 🙂


  1. Great video. Have a wonderful week :)

  2. Deria, thank you for the lovely video!!!

  3. Feliz semana, ahora voy a ver el video. Abrazos

  4. Bu aralar aktif degilim pek, sıcaklardan dolayı :)

    1. Ben de yaz gelince açık havada daha aktif oluyorum ama bizde o kadar sicak yok ☺️

  5. Thanks for your detailed review! :)


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