Active Monday -22

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I am sharing activity and healthy lifestyle tips for 22 weeks and my readers love it. They are almost the most reading posts on my blog. I am very happy about that. It motivates me to search for a new workout video for every week and to think about health tips for you. 

Health Tipps Of This Week

This week I would talk about our workout helpers at home. How much material do we need to do sports at home? In fact, not much, even if not at all. On a mat or carpet where you can do sports, a good sports shoe is enough. You don't even need shoes for some exercise. I've used two water bottles as weight for a long time. Then,  I made a few materials that I would no longer quit sports. Different weights dumbells actually do your job to a great extent. One of my favourite back and low back exercise helper is the very good Pilates tape. Apart from these, I use the Pilates circle and weight cuffs. With the Pilates circle, it is also possible to make very practical arm and leg movements. It gives quite effective results.. Weight cuffs can be attached to the arms and ankles. Its use is not necessarily necessary, but it puts more strain on the muscles and consumes more calories.

In addition to supporting our work, these small sports equipment can also help us to motivate us.

Active Monday Workout Video

This week we have a pilates video for our abs. Nobody wants a big tummy in summertime :) Pilates is the perfect way to make your abs bikini ready. Enjoy it and have a very good week. 

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