February 9, 2019

3 Valentine's Day Gifts For Me

Hi everybody. We have very soon Valentine' s Day and everywhere you can find pretty gift ideas. This weekend I was shopping with my kids and as I saw the beautyfull gift boxes I bought 3 for me. Why not? We have not to wait always for presents:) And you will not believe me, they were also very cheap. So ı had to share them with you too. 

The first box is a limited edition from Fuzzy Duck. It ıncludes a Softening Hand Cream Pink Gin Fizz, a Softening Hand Cream with Juniper Berry and a Softening Hand Cream with Pink Grapefruit. Price: 3€

The second one is a gift box from BIPA. It includes a Shower Gel and a Body Lotion and a shower sponge. Price 4.99€

The last box is a Beauty Bath gift box. It includes a Shower gel, a body lotion, Shower sponge, soaps in form of roses. All with roses fragnant. Price: 3€

I am very happy about my new beauty products. Actually a simple flower bouquet is enought as Valentine's Day surprise. I preffer to make my own shopping. Did you also bought something for you at those days? 

  • This is not a promotional post.


  1. These items look wonderful! They would make fabulous Valentine's Day gifts.

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  3. Great gifts dear:* I was your follower on google +, so I am also joining now<3 Regards:*

    1. I m very happy to see you here. Keep in touch 😊

  4. Çok güzeller insan her zaman kendini mutlu etmeyi bilmeli. Birileri gelip beni mutlu etsin diye beklememeli. Ürünleri fiyatları da çok uygun.


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