Active Monday !!! Let' s Stay Active At 2019

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Hi dears !!! I have some good  news today ! I decided to add every week a fitness video to stay active all 2019 long. As some of you know, I have also a healthy lifestyle blog and working out is importand to me.  I was not sure with adding something about activity at this blog too. But to be an active human is too important for our health, I decided to add at list every week a workout video to stay motivated. Modern people is not only stylish, but also we must have knowledge, we have to be active and trying to stay healthy. 
I hope it is ok for my readers too. I will be happy if you write me about that with a comment. 
For the first Active Monday, I choose a whole body workout. I hope you enjoy it... 

Don' t forget to tell me your thoughts about this new category. I wish you a very happy and healthy week. Stay fit, stay active.

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