December 8, 2018

Deria's Black Friday 2018 Shopping !!!

Hi everybody !!! I had no time to write about my own Black Friday shopping. Actually I don' t need too much for this winter, but as Austria is too cold in this time; we need allways hats, gloves , booties and sweaters. 

casual style-winter style
This pastel pink tone is one of my favorite colors. I am very happy to have a new one this year :)

My hat is from Bipa

I love to wear same color of gloves for every hat. So I took different colors for every of my hats.

This sketcher boots were my biggest save. I save 17€ at Black Friday. They are very comfortable and warm. 

And this dark gray sweater.

Hat: Bipa
Gloves: NKD
Boots: Deichmann
Sweater: C&A

I saved almost 30€ this year at Black Friday. What did you buy this day? I am very interessting how much did you saved. It would be very kind to write me a comment about that. 

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