April 5, 2018

Celebrity Style- Victoria Beckham

Today, I would like to talk about Victoria Beckham, old Spice Girl and one of the most important names in the fashion field, with her own style  and the clothes she created. Her own clothes are wearing both her own and famous artists. Her hair models and style are imitated.
Although it was not believed that early times would be successful, she managed to prove herself.
I like Victoria Beckham's simple and minimalist style. Modern and elegant clothes are really beautiful. The only thing I do not like is that it addresses only 0 size women. I am against these constraints and oppression about the human body. In the world of fashion where only 0 size women are considered beautiful and stylish, some things must change now. It is good to try to be healthy and fit but it is not good and healthy to try to be 0 size. Every human being has an another body type.
Anyway, I choose some of my favorite Victoria stylings.

What do you thing about her styling and her obsession for 0 size? Are you agree with that? Please wright your opinnions as a comment. Thanks for reading and don' t forget to follow my blog :)


  1. Fantastic post!

    Kisses ...

    Dilek .

  2. When I was a teenager I was a huge fan of the Spice girls and although Posh Spice wasn't one of my favorites I have to say that she has lots of style.

  3. Tienes un trabajo estupendo en tu blog,espero que estemos en contacto!Que tengas feliz tarde!!!❤💛💙

  4. I am such a huge fan of Victoria's and I adore her style. Sadly, I hear you on the size zero thing. Many years ago, I went to the launch of her denim line in my city, and in order to meet her, you had to purchase a pair of jeans. Only the biggest size wouldn't fit me. It only went from 00 to 4. So I wound up buying pants that I could never wear :(

  5. Bayılıyorum bu kadının sitiline..
    Çok güzel paylaşımlar canım

  6. A great review indeed, thanks for sharing!

  7. I remember I liked to listen to Spice's songs as a teenager and she was me favourite from them. For me she is actually too skinny, but in general she is beautiful, in particular with longer hais and I like most some boho vibe in her style :-)

  8. Great post, thanks for sharing :)
    Have a nice day.
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  9. Amazing post... I love Victoria Beckam... ^_^

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