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8 Black Basic Clothes For Your Closet

8 Black Basic Clothes For Your Closet

Hi everyone !!! We all love clothes, both women and men. And we have different tastes for color and styling. But I think, some basic pieces must be a part of our closet. I will try sometimes to make styling ideas posts. And sure basics are an important part of styling. Every woman and also men, must have some of them for easier outfit combinations.  I would like to start with my favorite basic color : BLACK !!! 

Little Black Dress. With a dress like this you are almost ready for a coctail, wedding or just an importand dating. Sure the style and lenght can change for everyone of us. 

Black pants. A must have.

Black tank top. A very basic piece for every season of the year. 

Black skirt. A pencil skirt is a classic piece of styling. Almost every woman looks good with it.

Black T shirt. My favorite for everyday use.

I am not a friend of high heels in my daily life but I have always some heels at home for special occassions.

And a classical black elegant bag .

A casual black bag for everyday use.

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