Hello From Salzburg !!!

Hi everybody !!! Last week we have a three day trip to Salzburg. I will share this trip with you at another post. Today I will share my new dress from shein. As a mother of 3 kids and a Hashimoto thyroid patient, I have had for a long-time problems with my weight. I am working out and eating healthy, low carbs and sugar and I loose 10 kg after the birth of my daughter. For a woman with 156 cm length of 10 kg more was a big problem.
This sommer I have ordered some dresses and I was very happy to wear them. My shooting place for this wonderfull white dress was Salzburg. I felt like a princess.

House from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


A little bit sister look with my daughter :)

Berchtold Villa Salzburg. Graf Leopold Berchtold was an important politician at first world wartime.

How did you find my new dress? 

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