Nail Care - Tips For Beautiful Fingernails

How to properly care for your nails?

With this care, you get strong, beautiful nails. We show you tips on how to avoid brittle nails and home remedies for your nail care.

Your hands and thus your fingernails are always under surveillance. It is not for nothing that they are considered a calling card and figurehead. A good reason to give them regular care.

We'll tell you how to get the perfect manicure at home and which nail care oil strengthens your fingernails. You will also learn what the causes of nail changes can be.

That will damage your fingernails

Wrong nail care

Washing your hands too often robs your nails of moisture, making them more likely to splinter or even break off. Repeated contact with soap, dish soap, or nail polish remover that contains solvents can also make your nails brittle.

Even with a manicure you can make mistakes. If you use clippers or scissors to shorten it, fine cracks can appear, and the nail breaks. Artificial fingernails or gel manicures also damage your fingernail, making the horny layer soft and brittle. In addition, a cavity can form between artificial and natural nails, in which nail fungus can easily form.

Environmental influences

Winter, with its cold outside and the warm, dry air from the heating inside, can definitely cause your nails to lose moisture and gradually dry out. The result is often brittle fingernails.

Genetic cause

If you keep suffering from soft, brittle fingernails and your parents and grandparents are also affected, then this tendency has very likely been passed on from generation to generation.

Nutrient deficiency

If your body lacks certain vitamins, minerals, or trace elements, it can react with brittle fingernails. If there are symptoms such as paleness, corners of the mouth, tiredness, and coldness, it is time to get clarity from a doctor with a blood count and to decode body signals.


Skin diseases such as nail fungus, eczema, or psoriasis can lead to brittle nails, as can an underactive thyroid gland or other hormonal imbalances. Nail growth disorders can also occur if you suffer from arthritis, and taking certain medications also promotes thin, soft, and brittle nails.

This will make your nails healthy again

Be sure to wash your hands with lukewarm water and use mild soap. After washing your hands, use a nourishing hand cream and massage it into your nails.

The nails are shortened most gently with a sandpaper file.

Always give your fingernails a break from Shellac or gel nails. Then wear your nails filed short and massage in strengthening nail oil regularly. Do not use nail polish removers containing acetone. Some are oil-based, which also care for the nails.

Wear protective gloves the next time you clean your apartment and also when you wash the dishes, to prevent your nails from coming into contact with aggressive cleaning agents too often. The delicate skin on the back of the hand also dries out so easily.

Ensure you eat a balanced, healthy diet with whole grain products, protein, and lots of vegetables and fruit to prevent vitamin deficiencies. Spring and autumn are particularly suitable for a cure with special dietary supplements for skin, hair, and nails.

Instructions: In 5 steps to beautiful fingernails

It's not easy to have beautiful hands and well-groomed nails, they are hard work. With a weekly manicure, every handshake becomes a well-groomed one, that much is certain.

Step 1: glasses on and good light. Cuticles & Co want to be examined closely. To avoid injuries, you should ensure good lighting conditions and possibly consider reading glasses.

Step 2: Always shorten your nails from the outside to the middle with a coarse sandpaper file. Why? Try it the other way around. This feels like what a chalk line on the blackboard sounds like.

Step 3: Use a ceramic file to fine-tune and give the nails their final shape. This file seals the nails and they don't split easily.

Step 4: The cuticles can be pushed back better if you apply cuticle remover beforehand. Then use a metal cuticle pusher to push back very carefully and with gentle pressure. Remove excess skin with a cuticle clipper.

Step 5: Massage well into the nail bed and the nails themselves with care oil or cream. With a nail care stick, you can do this routine multiple times a day.

Home remedies for your nail care

Lemon juice: Lemon juice has proven to be a very good home remedy for discolored fingernails. The citrus fruit is said to be particularly effective in combination with a little baking powder. Simply rub it in, leave it on, and rinse it off.

Olive oil: For brittle nails, massage a teaspoon of olive oil into fingernails and hands. After about two minutes, rinse off with lukewarm water.

Vaseline: If you massage some Vaseline into your fingernails in the morning and in the evening, it not only gives a nice shine. Vaseline nourishes the nails and makes them appear stronger and stronger.

Oil and Sugar Scrub: Smooth hands and nourished fingernails result from mixing a tablespoon of sugar with half a tablespoon of olive oil and massaging your hands and nails for a minute. Then wash off with warm water.

FAQ - Everything you always wanted to know about nail care

Is Olive Oil Good for Nails?

Due to the vitamins and minerals it contains, olive oil has a very caring effect on your hands and nails. In addition, green gold, as it is also called, has antibacterial properties and can therefore also be used to treat nail fungus.

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Which vitamins strengthen fingernails?

It is actually a vitamin mix that is necessary for strong fingernails. It consists of vitamin A, vitamin B - more precisely, vitamin B7, which we all know as biotin - and vitamin C. Zinc and silicon also ensure healthy nail growth.

How to care for nails according to the lunar calendar?

According to the lunar calendar, it is best to trim your fingernails when the moon is waning. Then they grow back more slowly. If there is also a Capricorn day, then the nails will be strong and resilient.

What is the best nail care?

If you care about beauty from within, you can use dietary supplements that strengthen nails and have ingredients like Biotin. Or you can grab foods like avocados, olives, lamb and beef, dark green leafy vegetables, wheat germ, whole grains, salmon, and eggs that make nails look nicer and stronger. Almond and olive oil are particularly suitable for external care of the nails.

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