How To Build Confidence In Your Child

The most important time period in a person's life is not the adulthood, but rather their childhood. That is when they're the most influenceable. If you raise your child correctly, it won't have any problems later on in their lives. The same goes with their self esteem and confidence. After reading this article, you should be able to give your child just that.


Be Positive.

You can start by being positive. If you see your child struggling with something, don't immediately be angry at it, but rather let them figure it out themselves and praise their good efforts. That way, the child will feel proud of what it's done and is likely to put more effort into other things. It just gives it a nice feeling. A good example would be, when your child is drawing something, but you think it doesn't look like anything, encourage the child anyway. If you scold them for simply drawing something, their self esteem will drop immensely throughout their childhood. So don't be negative with everything they do, but rather be more positive!


Give Praise.

Another tip is to give praise when your child does well. Studies show that children who receive praise for good behavior are more likely to repeat those behaviors. So when your child learns how to talk, for example, praise it as much as you can and it will keep on learning. This goes with anything that they do right. But remember, when they do something wrong, you can't really praise them, otherwise they'll grow up to be a not so good person!


Encourage Them.

If you want your child to feel confident, encourage them to try new things. Help them learn what they need to do to succeed. Your child won't really do a lot of things on their own until you really encourage them to. So don't just sit around doing nothing and letting your child do whatever, but help it do certain things. Like when their old enough to take the trash out, encourage them to do it! That way, they'll probably do it on their own later on. Or when there's other chores in the house to do, just encourage them to help a little bit. That way, they'll also learn important skills in life. Generally, if you encourage your kid to do new things, it will automatically build up confidence.

Show Interest.

A child’s confidence grows as he or she gains experiences and learns from those experiences. So, show interest in your child’s activities, and encourage him or her to try new things. Again, praise your child when he or she does well at school or sports practice. And as already said, give positive feedback when your child tries something new. If you show interest in your child's activities, it will feel accepted and will feel motivated to keep doing these activities. It'll just generally make them a better person for the future. Remember, a parent is not only there to feed the child and put it to sleep, but also to build up it's character over the years and prepare it for the future. Good parenting is the key to a mentally stable child, remember that!


Don't Criticize.

If you want your child to feel confident, praise his or her efforts instead of criticizing them. This will build your child's self-esteem and make him or her feel good about themselves. We're coming back to the "be positive" thing again. Don't criticize your child 24/7 for their efforts. Your child is not some person in a casting and you're not the jury, so why criticize it? A child is very innocent, it doesn't understand much of the world yet and it only tries to do it's best. So when you criticize it, you basically discourage them to do anything basically. And this might lead to some heavy problems in the future like mental illnesses or other things. So always approach your child with positivity and only that. It's no use bringing your kid down all the time, so rather build it up! This will boost their confidence and will also make you a very good parent!

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