Berlinale 2024 Details & Red Carpet Looks

 On Thursday evening, the Berlinale kicked off with flair. Cillian Murphy, recently nominated for an Oscar for his lead role in "Oppenheimer," made the journey to present the opening film, "Small Things Like These." Before the premiere, he bantered with Matt Damon, the producer behind the historical drama shedding light on the scandal of the Magdalene Laundries in Ireland—a church institution exploiting young pregnant women for decades.


Politics also found a place on the red carpet. In an initiative organized by the film festival, actresses like Jella Haase and Katja Riemann exclaimed, "Defend Democracy." Several attendees sported buttons declaring "Berlinale against Right-wing Extremism." When asked why advocating for democracy was crucial, Jella Haase told the German Press Agency (dpa): "Because it alarms me to see how nonchalantly and almost routinely people go to the polls and mark their crosses for parties clearly and blatantly aligning with right-wing ideologies.

Of course, since our area of interest is, as always, red carpet dresses, we chose a few examples to share with you. When we compare award ceremonies in Europe and America, we see great differences in the dressing style of famous names. While more fairy-tale and glamorous dresses are preferred at award ceremonies in America, red carpet dresses in Europe have more modern and simple lines.

Berlinale 2024 Red Carpet Looks

Here are some red carpet looks from Berlinale 2024.


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