"Peach Fuzz" Emerges as the Pinnacle of Elegance: Pantone's 2024 Color of the Year

Image: https://www.pantone.com/color-of-the-year/2024

In a stunning declaration, Pantone, the vanguard of color authority, has designated "Peach Velvet" as the crowning color for the year 2024. Unveiled as "Pantone 13-1023 Peach Velvet," this gentle pinkish-orange hue is heralded as a manifestation of velvety sophistication and subtle sensuality.


Known for its iconic color-matching system birthed in the 1960s, Pantone oversees the Pantone Color Institute, the arbiter responsible for selecting the color of the year through exhaustive color trend forecasting research. Leatrice Eiseman, maestro of the Pantone Color Institute, elucidates the choice, asserting that it "resonates with our intrinsic yearning for closeness and connection." She further characterizes Peach Velvet as an embodiment of warmth and modern elegance, a shade that effortlessly bridges the gap between the youthful and the timeless.


Image: https://www.pantone.com/color-of-the-year/2024

Emerging as the 25th color of the year for Pantone, Peach Velvet takes a departure from the audacious demeanor of its predecessor, Viva Magenta, the chosen hue for 2023. This shift in tonality is attributed to the prevailing global milieu, entangled in the throes of a tumultuous war and a tense election year. Eiseman articulates that Peach Velvet, with its more muted allure, symbolizes the collective hunger for tranquility and respite amidst the current challenges.


The meticulous process of color selection at Pantone involves a coterie of color savants scrutinizing diverse cultural touchstones like movies, art, fashion, and technology. Through the kaleidoscope of forecasting tools and color psychology research, they distill the myriad influences into one color that encapsulates the prevailing spirit of the approaching year.


As Peach Velvet ascends to its throne, its influence is projected to permeate a myriad of industries. From rugs, wallpaper, and fabric to the realms of makeup and tea, products inspired by this elegant hue are poised to leave an indelible mark. Already gracing the red carpets, Peach Velvet has found favor with luminaries such as Taylor Swift and the Rock at various high-profile events.


Termed a "rediscovered neutral" by Jeremy Allen, the artistic helm at the New York Times Styles Desk, Peach Velvet appears destined to elegantly insinuate itself into every facet of our lives in 2024. As Pantone perpetuates its tradition of engaging the design community and color aficionados in a global discourse, Peach Velvet stands tall as a symbol of sophistication and serenity in a world yearning for solace amidst the uncertainty of the times.

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