Unboxing Joy: Our Black Friday Haul for Mother-Daughter Bliss - Deals, Discounts, and Delight!


Hello everyone. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, but I was just able to make pictures and write about what I bought from these discounts. Actually, I love writing style articles, it is very enjoyable to prepare them. However, in recent years, I have been shopping a little, especially in the winter season, as I have created a minimalist wardrobe.
Although I am a little more comfortable in summer clothes, I try to buy quality and small amounts of clothes in winter. I especially choose pieces that can be easily combined with each other.
As for clothes, I bought myself two cardigans from these Black Friday sales. The extremely classically cut black and dark beige jackets went well with my shirts and T-shirts.

I ordered the cardigans from C&A online store. It is a brand that I have been shopping regularly for years with its quality products.

Actually, I bought a long black cardigan recently, but I believe that I will wear this slightly shorter, classic-cut jacket for a long time. This type of classic clothing never goes out of fashion.

You can wear this style of cardigan with jeans for a sporty elegance, or you can get a more elegant and stylish look with fabric trousers or a skirt.

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Of course, we did the most shopping for my daughter. She chose very nice clothes for herself from Shein, Zalando, C&A and NewYorker stores. We ordered the cardigan you see in the first picture from the C&A online store.

We bought her hat and boots from Zalando online shop. Again, it is one of my preferred shopping places because of the excellent and fast delivery and good customer service.

The outfit in this photo is from Shein. Very cute outfit for young ladies.

Blue, pink, and khaki-colored short t-shirts and the jean are also from Shein.

This cute flower top is from NewYorker.

Unfortunately, we sometimes encounter bad surprises when ordering online. This jacket, which I ordered as a short cardigan, came in the form of a bolero and was 40 cm long. Luckily it is suitable to my daughter because I don't like shipping back to Shein or any other Chinese company.

Apart from clothes, we also bought things like small care products, materials for making jewelry, and diamond painting for my daughter.

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