Travel Bug: 7 Career Ideas Where Traveling Is Your Job


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It’s no secret that many people prefer jobs where they travel to some place near their homes for a few hours and then head back home at the end of the day. However, careers in offices, factories, or other fixed locations aren’t for everyone.

You’re likely reading this blog post today because you want a job where you aren’t tied to a desk or have the same boring daily routine! With so many career options out there, how do you know which one is right for you?

Take a look at the following six inspirational career ideas for people who want to explore the world around them and get paid for it:

1. Tour Guide

Do you live near a famous city or area? If so, and you’re passionate about sharing your knowledge of it with others, one idea is to become a tour guide. You’ll get paid for giving tourists fun, educational commentary about points of interest.

As an expert in your local area, you are well-placed to teach people all kinds of fascinating facts, making each tour session an immersive and engaging experience for everyone.

2. Trucker

One fact you probably know about truckers is how they can spend days on end traveling to all kinds of interesting destinations to deliver their cargo.

However, what you may not know is that team truck drivers can take family members or even pets with them! The life of a trucker doesn’t have to be a lonely one.

Truckers get sent to all kinds of interesting and unique destinations - both domestically and abroad.

3. Cruise Ship Crew

If the idea of sitting and living in a truck for several days at a time isn’t for you, perhaps sailing the high seas as part of a cruise ship’s crew could be a better bet.

As a crew member, your job is to ensure the safety and happiness of customers traveling on your ship. But what’s great about your job is you get paid to visit the same destinations as customers, rather than vice versa!

4. Flight Attendant

Traveling to destinations by sea isn't for everyone. Thankfully, working as a flight attendant is a realistic alternative to achieving the same goals and doing the same work as a cruise ship crew member.

When you go on long-haul flights to places like Thailand or Sydney as part of your work, you'll often have a few rest days to explore the foreign lands you visit. Your accommodation is usually covered, meaning all you have to spend money on is food and transport!

5. Pet Transporter

Many people move to new countries and take their pets with them. You can help bring joy into each pet owner's life by reuniting them with their faithful companions when you get a job as a pet transporter.

6. Delivery Person

Does the idea of delivery cargo appeal to you, but you’d rather do your work locally? If so, another option to consider is being a delivery person.

You could deliver packages for companies like Amazon or even people’s groceries from your local grocery store.

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