Is Temu Legit? I Tried Temu App And Here Is My Honest Review


The online retailer “Temu” is currently conquering the app stores with all kinds of cheap products. What’s the catch?

Is Temu legit? Why it is so cheap? I've been wondering about Temu App for a long time, but I didn't dare to order it. The comments I read online were both good and average. So I had mixed feelings about this shopping App. As a result, I gathered my courage and decided to place a mini order without risking my budget too much.
But first, let's look at the information I found about Temu:

The essentials about Temu in brief:

The shopping app “Temu” is currently at the top of the app charts. The cheap platform attracts with its extreme bargains and high discounts.
Everything is sold, from smartwatches and headphones to clothing and kitchen and beauty products.
Keep in mind that low prices may be associated with lower product quality and safety. But it should not be always. 

What is Temu?

Shop like a billionaire” – is the slogan of the trending app “Temu”. The online platform offers a wide range of products from fashion to home accessories, beauty and cosmetic items, electronics, kitchen utensils and much more. Temu is available for download as an app, but the platform can also be accessed via the browser.

The special thing about the online marketplace is the unbeatably low prices and high discounts: headphones for 3 $, a smartwatch for 16 $ or hiking boots for 11 $. Temu attracts with extreme bargains, additional discounts of up to 95 percent and free shipping.

The low prices and the advertising promises raise the question of whether this is a reputable shop. So what's the catch with Temu?

Why is Temu so cheap?

The functionality of the online platform is similar to the online shopping app Wish: With Temu, the products are not sold directly by the platform itself, but through external retailers. Temu does not offer its own brands.

In addition, the products offered on Temu are mostly no-name products.

In many cases, Temu does not have to pay any customs duties due to the low item prices. Because this only applies to a material value of 150 euros or more for EU countries. 

What criticism is there of Temu?

Especially in times of inflation and price crises, the shopping app has already been downloaded more than 50 million times in the Google Play Store alone. However, there is also criticism of the online platform.

On review portals, customers report, for example:

Poor quality of goods
shipments not received
difficult to reach customer service

My Orders From Temu And My Honest Review

I bought a green holder to hold spoons or ladles while cooking in the kitchen. I use the plastic part almost every day and I have no complaints so far. An extremely practical kitchen utensil.

I ordered memo stickers for my daughter to use at school. There is an incredibly wide variety of items for schools and offices.

And finally, I ordered period underwear for my daughter. Used both and had no complaints.
My entire order cost around $10 and I didn't pay shipping. Orders arrived in approximately 3 weeks. The packaging was also well-made.
Since I have used what I bought, I cannot comment on the product return process, but I have read on other blogs that the return process is done without any problems.
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Temu My Favorites List

I made also a favorites list of some bestselling products. You can use my code apf02549 and have the chance to win coupons and other sales.

In conclusion, I can say: Yes, Temu App is legit. I received my products and I am happy with them. There is always a risk when ordering from Chinese brands, but when you consider the affordability, there is no harm in shopping from brands that you are satisfied with. It is best to start with small quantities for your first orders and get to know the brand by trying it.

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