Preparing Your Big Day With a Child in Tow: 5 Things to Do


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Preparing for your big day is a massive thing. It requires so much planning and dedication, but when there's a child in the mix it is critical to navigate the process smoothly. So what are the things we all need to remember when we are planning a wedding with a child?

Start ASAP

Timing is something that every kid seems to have no knowledge of. You need to get out of the game and begin your planning way in advance. This will allow you the opportunity to start organizing those big things. Something like the venue is always going to require a lot of preparation and thought. Places like Anthology Events provide a number of solutions as far as an amazing wedding venue is concerned. When it comes to choosing a great venue, we've got to recognize that the sooner we get in there and make a well-rounded decision, the better it will be in terms of planning. This is why when you have a child you've got to start way earlier than you think.

Be Realistic

Planning a whole wedding is a major challenge and, of course, being a parent is a major challenge, so make sure that you are easy on yourself. Be realistic with regard to the things that you think you can achieve during the build-up to the big day. Starting early will make a bigger difference because you will have a lot more done, meaning that if it's edging closer to the big day, you've got smaller tasks to deal with such as the wedding playlist. These are things that will not require the same level of thought as sorting the venue or the dress.

Arrange Childcare if It's Too Much

It's vital that we have the head space to focus on those big decisions and if you've got a chatterbox for a child, it may be better for you to arrange childcare during those important appointments. If you are having those appointments with the caterers or the heads of the venue, it is vital to be able to answer and ask all of those questions with a clear head.

Involve Your Child

This will all depend on their age. You could ask your tweenager to help with the songs, especially if they listen to more contemporary music! On the other hand, you could enlist them to taste the cake! One of the best things about including your child where possible is that they can get more excited about the big day, which means that they are more likely to give you the space when it comes to making those big decisions.

Relax and Look After Yourself

It's easy to place a lot of pressure on ourselves, especially if we're thinking about those five-year plans and we are considering having another baby but we need to remember that wedding planning on its own and parenting by itself are both very overwhelming. Make sure that you prioritize self-care so you can manage your stress and actually enjoy the preparation in the run-up to your big day.

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