10 Dream Destinations For Women Who Travel Alone

How to plan the trip alone as a woman, which dream destinations are best suited, and what you have to pay attention to. Read more to know how!!!

More and more women are packing their bags - alone! Be it for a city trip, a beach holiday on the Mediterranean, or a long-distance trip to Asia, Thailand, Mexico, the USA, or South Africa.

Women traveling alone – isn't that too dangerous?

Not so long ago, when women told their loved ones they were planning to travel alone, the first question that usually came up in response was, "Isn't that too dangerous?" The questions that often follow, "What do you want to do there alone anyway?" and "Can't you really find anyone to travel with you?" show that many people still assumed that it takes two to be happy when traveling. Today, this view usually gives way to a completely different one: Being alone, which is usually only of limited duration, has some outstanding advantages that one should savor to the fullest. If you are a woman alone, you shouldn't let that stop you from traveling - on the contrary. And even within a partnership, this is no longer taboo.

The best dream destinations and countries for women traveling alone

Anyone who imagines solo air travel as a dreary, lonely killer of time by the hotel pool is wrong. The choice of possible travel destinations and types for women traveling alone couldn't be greater today: city breaks in Europe, shopping in New York, pilgrimages in Spain, surfing in Fuerteventura, learning to dive in Thailand, yoga in India, Ayurveda in Sri Lanka, island hopping in Greece, volunteering in Costa Rica... The list goes on and on. Women traveling alone do not automatically have to put themselves in the hands of a single tour operator or spend the holiday at the “cat table” of a club hotel. There are many ways to customize the journey based on personal preference and potential for fear or courage.

Individual travel planning is becoming more and more popular. These trips are usually not just about pure rest or relaxation - it's about much more! Even during the planning stage, only your own preferences and wishes count. Each individual day can be designed independently of a partner according to your own interests. It offers the unique opportunity to go a new way, to discover new aspects of yourself. Of course, this also requires the willingness to leave one's own comfort zone. Personal initiative is required, the reward is interesting encounters with people from other cultures and like-minded people.

Many women would like to travel alone, but somehow the fear of the unknown keeps them from doing so. Most of the women who have dared to do so after much deliberation report enthusiastically about their solo adventure after their trip. By traveling alone, you can learn a lot about yourself and the world.  Even if something unforeseeable happens, there is a solution for everything, the most important thing is trust in yourself.

More women are already traveling alone than men

As a woman, do I have to be incredibly brave to travel without a companion? Clearly: No! Not only are there hundreds of safe places and countries in the world, but women are more confident and tougher than most admit. Apart from that, many more women now travel alone than men, which should speak for itself.

However, a few questions need to be clarified beforehand: Do I want to do the trip completely on my own or rather in a group, in a retreat, on a language trip, or with the help of guided tours? How much contact am I looking for? If you don't want to be all alone for long periods of time, you should opt for private accommodation or hostels and choose a country where like-minded people travel, such as Thailand, which has dozens of resorts and islands that teem with individualists. Of course, it is also helpful to be able to communicate with the locals - in many countries, knowledge of English is not recommended, but rather basic knowledge of Spanish, French, or Portuguese. None of this helps in Japan or China, where a phrase book or a translation app is usually the only means of communication. Last but not least, the budget and the time available also play a role. Countries like New Zealand and Australia are easy for women to travel to with a rental car or camper, but it is very expensive, especially if you go it alone. A first attempt to approach traveling alone could be a city trip over a long weekend to a metropolis in Europe such as London, Paris, Venice, or Rome.

What should alone traveling women pay attention to?

Many women ask themselves in advance how dealing with local men in the travel destination will be. Is the fear of being constantly stared at, spoken to, or harassed? This cannot be generalized, but in principle, it can be said: the higher the number of tourists in a place, the lower the probability of getting involved in unpleasant situations. In addition, there are a few rules to follow. This includes, first and foremost, a safe demeanor. Don't let yourself be persuaded to do things where your gut feeling says a clear "no". Furthermore, in some countries in Africa, Asia, and Arabia, country-specific clothing is appropriate. The simpler and more inconspicuous a woman dresses, the fewer problems arise. While getting older isn't exactly pleasant in and of itself, it does have the advantage that annoying hit-ups are kept to a minimum. Safety always comes first, which is why you can turn to white lies if the worst comes to the worst, but you can also be angry and dismissive. Some women deliberately wear a wedding ring when they are out and about in order to avoid this topic from the outset. During the journey, most solo travelers very quickly develop a good sense of how best to deal with certain situations.

 Lisbon - An inexpensive city destination with many highlights

The capital of Portugal not only impresses with its direct location by the sea but also enchants its visitors with a romantic old town and pretty cafés. Single rooms and private accommodation are available at reasonable prices. For swimming, head to Cascais Beach (30 minutes by train), and those interested in culture shouldn't miss a visit to Sintra with its dreamlike Quinta da Regaleira Castle

 Thailand - The perfect entry-level destination for long-distance travel

Thailand, the diverse country in Southeast Asia is considered one of the best entry points for long-distance travel. It is considered safe, the infrastructure is exemplary, the food is good, the additional costs are low and the proportion of individual travelers and like-minded people is high. Planning is easy: After a few days in Bangkok, a stay on one or the other dream island is a good idea, for example on Koh Samui, Koh Chang, or Koh Lanta. Culture and sightseeing travelers are drawn to the north, for example to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai,, or Pai. The bus, train and ferry connections are exemplary and well-organized. With low daily costs, you will live quite comfortably, only in Koh Samui and Phuket it is a bit more expensive.

 USA – a combination of metropolis and sea

ln popular American cities like San Francisco or Miami you can combine days on the beach, shopping, sightseeing, and culture particularly well. One option is self-drive tours of California and Florida. For example in the legendary Yosemite Park in California or in the famous Everglades. Rental cars are available daily and weekly, and overnight stays in motels and Airbnb are offered in affordable prices. There is usually more contact with Americans than with tourists.

 Laos – travel along the Mekong and experience a lot

A great destination that exudes a lot of tranquility and is easy and cheap to travel to. The most beautiful and popular place is undoubtedly Luang Prabang, which offers programs for several days. Enjoy the golden yellow sunset in small restaurants on the riverbank, explore the area by bike, or just enjoy the spiritual atmosphere of the colonial small town. If you stay longer, you can travel cheaply by public transport and boats through the beautiful karst landscape via Vang Vieng and the 4,000 Islands to the capital Vientiane.

 Morocco - Oriental cities and colorful markets

Hard to believe, but Morocco is a safe travel destination, especially for middle-aged women traveling solo! Strolling through colorful markets, counting the stars in the endless desert at night, refreshing yourself in the sea when it's hot, and strolling through the medinas of historic cities. The ideal complement to this is an organized desert tour including dromedary riding, dinner, and overnight stays in a Berber tent. Overnight stays in so-called riads, merchant houses that have been converted into guesthouses and hotels, are recommended. In addition to Marrakech, we recommend the "blue" city of Chefchaouen and the "hippie town" of Essaouira. 

 Cuba - nostalgia, Caribbean flair and many dream beaches

Be driven through the bustling city of Havana (Cuba)in a vintage car, explore the island's 1,100 km long north coast on your own, discover beautiful beaches and sip delicious mojitos - wonderful! The country can be easily traveled with the tourist buses from Viazul. In addition to Havana,, a visit to the colonial city of Trinidad, the seaside resort of Varadero and the beautiful valley of Viñales. Overnight stays in private casas particulares are possible. Cuban men like to shower women with compliments, including tourists - preferably without comment.

Vietnam – on your own by train and bus through the land of rice hats

A successful mixture of Asian culture and fascinating nature! The narrow country is best explored with an open-jaw flight (Hanoi//Ho Chi Minh City). From Hanoi, excursions into the rice fields to Sapa (night train, 5 1/2 hours,), to the magical Halong Bay (boat tours with overnight stays on the boat are worthwhile. A practical option is to take the Reunification Express south with stops in Hué (the old royal city), Danang, and Nha Trang. In conclusion, we recommend a detour to the Mekong Delta and a few chilled days on the beach on the island of Phu Quoc. From the price level a bit more expensive than Thailand.

 Sri Lanka - Beautiful beaches and spectacular landscapes

The green island in the Indian Ocean is not only known for its Ayurveda cures but also for its breathtaking nature. From the capital, Colombo, you can take a nice tour of the southwest of the island in two weeks, either with a driver and/or by train. Even further train routes, are recommended in 1st class compartments with panoramic windows. Worth seeing are the towns of Galle, Kandy, Ella, Nuwara Eliya, and the dream beaches along the southwest coast and at the southern tip.

South South Africa - From Cape Town to the highlights of the south coast

Even the approach over the city is unforgettable - and there is a lot to do: climb Table Mountain, watch penguins at Boulders Beach, swim in Camps Bay, go for a stroll through the city, and then take a rental car and a 2 to Take a 7-day tour of the Garden Route and the wine region around Stellenbosch. Organized tours are available. Wildlife safaris along the Garden Route are offered too.

 Mexico - jungle and Caribbean feeling

The Yucatán Peninsula offers everything a traveling heart desires: beautiful beaches, jungle, and a Caribbean feeling. The Yucatán Peninsula is also a beautiful destination for women traveling alone: relaxing in beach cafés in Tulum, swimming in the cenotes (water caves), marveling at the famous Mayan site Chichén Itzá. Or explore the islands of Holbox or Cozumel close to the coast by ferry, watch alligators on a boat tour in the Sian Ka'an nature reserve, or take a round trip on your own with a rental car. The destination airport is Cancún. Accommodation is also available here in all price ranges.

Tip: As a woman traveling alone 

Here are ten tips to keep in mind if you want to travel safely.

Clothing: As a woman, do I have to dress especially when traveling?

Simple, non-provocative clothing without conspicuous valuables attracts little attention. Obtain information as to whether women in the travel destination should wear clothing typical of the country (e.g. wide, long, and opaque trousers, dresses and blouses). A light scarf works well.

Security: Where am I safe as a woman traveling alone?

There is no 100% security anywhere in the world, the A&O is good preparation and planning. Small security tools, for example. Pack a whistle, hand alarm, and non-slip doorstop for at night. Keep friends or relatives up to date regularly during the trip.

Loneliness: Women who like to be alone sometimes have it easier when travelling

It's easier for those who like to be with themselves. That can be practiced! Otherwise, choose countries where there are many like-minded people and where communication is easier (English).

Orientation: If you ask a lot, you will get in touch as a woman and it will be easier for you

Ask, ask, ask! Locals often have the best tips to hand. If in doubt, the cell phone's GPS signal will bring you safely back to the starting point.

Boredom: If you can enjoy a while, it is easier as a solo traveller

Solo travel is an adventure in itself. If the boredom does arise, allow it. This often gives rise to completely new thoughts and motivations.

Theft: Only wear what you really need

Nothing is irreplaceable - don't go crazy and only wear what you really need.

Evening: Ask in the restaurant if you can sit down

Take a book or magazine with you when you go to the restaurant. Feel free to ask other travelers if you can join them.

Accomodation: Those who travel alone often have to pay the price for a double room

Keep in mind that you usually have to pay for double rooms alone. That catches whoever goes down a category. Most hotel portals have a large offer. Advantage: In cheap hostels, you can quickly make contacts.

Transportation: Ask other solo travelers if they want to share the taxi

Favor public transport or approach like-minded people to share the taxi fare. In many places, hop-on hop-off buses or bicycles are a good choice.

Sightseeing: Join a group, and you will meet like-minded people

Many cities offer free walking or bike tours. Day group tours are often much cheaper than a private guide.

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