65th Grammy Awards Red Carpet Favorites

The 65th Grammy awards ceremony was held on February 5 at the crypto.com arena. It was a colourful night with the participation of famous singers and famous names from other fields.

How were the red carpet dresses at the Grammys awards ceremony?

There was a dress that I found to be very elegant in a pleasing way. Apart from this, there were models that we can call exciting and extravagant. When it comes to the music world, more creative styles can emerge from other fields.
Let's get to the favorites I chose for this year. After a long time, I put Jennifer Lopez at the top of my list. I really liked the sexy dress she decided on this year, but it also suits her body very well.

J Lo-Gucci

Queen Latifah

Fran Drescher

Ava Kolker

Maren Morris

Muni Long

Laverne Cox

Rita Ora


Lourdes Leon-Area

Taylor Swift-Roberto Cavalli

Charl D' Amelio


Amanda Gorman

Viola Davis



Megan Fox-Zuhair Murad

Adele-Louis Vuitton

Cardi B-Gaurav Gupta

These are my favorites from the 65th Grammy awards ceremony red carpet dresses. It's just a personal choice I'm sure all the famous names went to great lengths to look stylish or interesting that night. Do you have some favorites? 

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