Pantone Color of the Year 2023: Magenta

A new favourite colour every year. The Color Institute followed last year's cool purple with a vibrant shade of red. It only remains for us to say: "Viva Magenta"!

According to the Pantone Color Institute, "Viva Magenta" is an extraordinary colour for an extraordinary time. The shade of red, which alternates between cold and warm, is intended to inspire the design world to look to the future with optimism. The dynamic crimson is intended to become the stimulus for pure joy, experimentation and fearlessness in the new year. So much for meaning. The trend colour was inspired by nature, more precisely by the female lice of the cochineal scale insect. A bright red pigment (carmine) is obtained from them.

Welcome to the Magentaverse!

The radiance of the shade with the code 18-1750 has an effect in the digital world: together with the AI art tool Mid journey and the company Huge, the Pantone Color Institute created a digital colour world: For the announcement of the colour of the year 2023, the Metaverse to the "Magentaverse". The design experiment aims to explore the tense relationship between human creativity and technology. The key visual was designed with the help of artificial intelligence and is intended to invite you into the "optimistic and boundless" Magentaverse.

Furnishing tips: How to use Viva Magenta stylishly!

Are you enthusiastic about the trend colour for the new year and looking for furnishing ideas? You can try it with magenta-coloured pillows, flowers and decoration objects.

I was in love with Very Peri, the colour of 2022 but Magenta is also a wonderful colour. 

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