Clever Ways to Save Money In 2023 And Beyond


Save Money in Your Daily Life

To achieve financial independence, it is important to save as much money as possible. This article will show you clever ways to save money in your daily life.

Whether it is paying off debt, looking for the perfect time to invest in stocks or savings, or just trying to figure out how much we owe the IRS, we all have an interest in saving money. The good news is that there are many ways to save money each month with a little creativity and hard work.


This article is dedicated to providing you with some helpful tips on ways that you can save money without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Start with these easy tips:


1) Buy cheaper products


2) Buying generic brands


3) Cut your cable cord and streaming services


4) Stop ordering food delivery. Put all the money you would have spent on takeout into an account with Evolve Bank, and you’ll soon see just how much you’re saving - this will motivate you to keep going. 


5) Consider buying used items

Here are a few more life hacks and tips that will help you save money:


1) Planning out your meals for the week can save you money. You will be less prone to impulse purchases when you know exactly what you need at the supermarket, and how much it costs to fill up your fridge.


2) Become friends with people who live near to where you work or people who live near stations that are in close proximity to each other. You can share a car or a train fare! That way, neither of you is spending too much on travelling.


3) One of the easiest ways to save money is by turning off lights when they aren't needed. There's no point in leaving them on for no reason, besides the fact that it could be costing unnecessary electricity and adding up over time!


4) Get great deals by signing up for newsletters from stores like Nordstrom Rack and Target's "save more" deals. They send emails with coupons and discounts specifically tailored towards them.

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Using a Calculator to Save Money

Everyone can use a calculator to save money. They allow you to make better financial decisions by giving you an idea of what the outcome will be beforehand. You don’t have to worry about your calculations being wrong and overpaying for something.

You can try to calculate your payments, college savings, and retirement planning etc.

 One example of how a calculator can help you save money is when buying a car. The car dealer typically wants the buyer to sign on to a monthly payment plan, where they agree to be paying for the car over the course of a few years with monthly payments. A popular way of calculating these payments is figuring out how much money there is in one year, dividing it by 12, and multiplying it by however many months it will take for them to pay off their car loan or lease.


With an online calculator, this process becomes easier and less time-consuming as all we have to do is plug in our numbers and hit calculate.

Free or Cheap Ways to Have Fun

You can also save lots of money in your free time.

One of the most common ways to save money and have a good time is by going on adventures. You can go to your local forest or go to the nearby pond. The point is to step outside, go somewhere different, and look at things with new eyes. This is sure to bring you joy and also entertain your senses. Another way you can spend less on entertainment while still having fun is by going out with friends or family members that live close by. You might not always be able to afford to do things with people who live far away from you but those who do live in your general vicinity are worth inviting over for dinner, board games, or a game night!


Life is always a challenge! Whether we're living on a budget or not, we all have to find ways to save money in our daily lives. Especially the importance of having money accumulated during the Covid-19 epidemic period was better understood.

Here are some cheap or free ways that you can have fun without the expenses:


  • Play board games alone or with friends 
  • Watch movies at home with friends and family
  •  Explore the world around you through photography or painting
  •  Play games on your phone without ads for hours on end.
  • Cooking takes up some of your time, but it also saves money. If you cook for yourself, then cooking for others is just an added bonus!

10 Ways to Save Money Using Technology

Want to know how to save money using technology? These tips will help you start saving today!

The average American household spends $1,000 per year on technology. This includes things like cell phones, computers, tablets, and other devices that we use every day. But there are many ways to cut down on these costs without sacrificing convenience.

Set up an automatic bill pay system

One of the easiest ways to save money with technology is by setting up an automatic bill-pay service. You can set up recurring payments through services like PayPal or Venmo so you never miss a payment again. If you need to make on-time payments, you can also do that online.

Find out where you can get free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi hotspots are becoming more common as people use mobile devices more often. Many coffee shops, libraries, and other businesses offer free Wi-Fi these days.

Check your phone plan

If you’re not sure what your current cell phone plan costs, check with your carrier. You might be able to lower your bill by switching carriers.

Turn off unused features.

It’s easy to forget that some features on your smartphone aren’t used very often. For example, if you rarely use Wi-Fi, turn it off when you’re not connected to a network. This will reduce data usage and save you money.

Switch to a prepaid cell phone

If you’re looking for ways to save money, switching to a prepaid cell phone might be an option. Prepaid phones usually cost less than postpaid plans because there’s no contract involved. You can also avoid paying monthly fees by choosing a plan with unlimited talk, text, and data.

Everybody knows that it’s important to save money for retirement. It’s never early to start. If you start to save money little by little at a young age, you may have an accumulation that will surprise you in your retirement time. One of your new year's goals should be to start saving money.

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