How To Reuse 2 Old Dresses And Be Still Stylish?

How To Reuse 2 Old Dresses And Be Still Stylish?

Black Shirt Dress

Hello everyone. Today I would like to share a style post that I reuse old clothes in different ways. I had a dress that I bought for a friend's wedding in 2019. You can read here my article about that. I have worn this dress a few times and it has been in the closet for a long time.
Everything has become so expensive now. Giving away clothes that I have worn a few times seems like a waste of money to me. I want to use the clothes as much as possible. For a while, I was thinking about how I could evaluate this dress differently. Dress is not always useful in daily life. And it's not easy to combine them with other clothes. On my way to my appointment today, I wore it over jeans and a tank top and tucked the front ends into my trousers. Then I fixed it with some draping. I completed my outfit with the appropriate silver accessory. The look you see in the picture came out. I think it's not bad, what do you think? It looks like a shirt.

Denim Shirt Dress

My second choice was a denim dress that I also bought in 2019. You can read here the story of this dress. Since this dress is more suitable for daily life, I had a chance to wear it a lot, but I hadn't worn it for a long time. I wanted to create a new style with this dress in a style just like my black dress. But I mentioned that I can also wear it as a denim jacket over my outfit.

This is the second styling of the denim dress. Similar to the black dress, I wore it with my jeans and top. Of course, you can use another color of top or jeans or other pants, skirts, etc. There are a thousand ways to reuse your old clothes and believe me this makes a big difference in your budget.

 Since my body measurements do not change much, the clothes stay on me for many years. As long as they don't get old, I find different ways to evaluate them. I hope you like the style I used today.

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