What are the Best Pizza Places in Chicago?


Pizza is one of the most important parts of Chicago's identity, showing off its unique tastes and incredible flavor while leaving people wanting even more.  If you're planning a trip to Windy City, it's time to start planning your pizza stops!

These are the best pizza places in Chicago, and why they matter!

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

This family-owned local chain offers Italian classics and Chicago-style deep dish pizzas!  With the perfect mix of both worlds, you'll find awesome flavors all around.  Locals claim this is the best deep dish in the city, and it's gained popularity across the nation, with many people trying to replicate the crust and sauce flavors.  

If you want a taste of the real thing, not just a replica, consider stopping in at one of the many Lou Malnati locations in Chicago! 

Pequod’s Pizza

Pequod’s is a local institution for its deep-dish pizza with a caramelized crust.  Guests love the crispy crust and fresh ingredients and say that they'll come back time and time again.  They're extremely affordable and highly rated among locals and tourists alike.  The size of the slices will stun you and leave you wondering if you'll be able to finish even one.  Don't be afraid to ask for a takeout box if you can't!  It's even better reheated in the air fryer! 

Bonci Pizzeria

This Rome-based Italian restaurant is a thinner crust than the usual offerings in Chicago and offers flavors that call back to Italy directly.  From fantastic cacio y Pepe to the fantastic rosemary and soppressata, you'll love every last bite.  Guests rave about the more base-roots Italian flavors and have landed this as the highest-rated Italian eaterie in the city. 

Spacca Napoli Pizzeria

If you want fresh flavor and incredible views: it’s time to check out Spacca Napoli Pizzeria!  In a rustic space with patio seating to overlook the city, you'll enjoy trying some of the best food in the country.  Offering Neapolitan-style thin-crust pizzas, they go against the Chicago classic and bring something refreshing to the city.  Guests adore the flavors and the chance to get something that's perfect to their tastes.


If you want to enjoy a restaurant that breathes Chicago: it's time to go to Ginos!  This restaurant is a great reason to consider looking at houses for rent in Chicago, with every bite better than the last.  Many guests say this is the best pizza they've ever tried, and although it's a little more expensive than others on this list, it's still incredibly affordable.  Chicago deep-dish and thin-crust pizzas can both be found here, unified in delicious flavor.

Gino’s also offers fantastic sandwiches and salads that guests adore every time they stop in.  This is often called the best place to take someone new to the city, and we couldn't agree more! 

Pizza Is The Perfect Food!

Pizza is an awesome combination of carbs, vegetables, meat, dairy, and anything else that could leave you full yet wanting more.  Next time you're in Chicago, make sure to make a stop in one of these awesome pizzerias!

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