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I am a huge fan of video games. I play games almost every day, let it be on my PC or my mobile phone, or wherever I have access to games. Gaming has basically become a small part of my life and I don’t know where I’d be without it.

I don’t like every video game genre, though. There are types of games that I really enjoy playing and others that are just plain boring to me. I think that goes with anyone. Not everyone likes the same games, and that’s good. If that were the case, well, who knows what games would be developed right now? Would they be any good? Would they have the same creativity put in as you see in many of today’s games? Diversity and different tastes are the keys to a healthy video game world. There are games for everyone nowadays, pretty easy to access, too. All you basically need is a decent working Android or Apple device and you’re ready to go. So you don’t always need a high-end PC or a state of the art gaming-console to play games you like. But I think it depends on what kind of games you like playing. If it’s just simple puzzling or jump and runs you’re after, a cellphone does the job. But if you want to play good story games, with nice graphics and challenging gameplay, well, I’d say that’s where a gaming-pc or a console comes in handy. There are a few good story games on mobile, although not as good and well developed as they are on other platforms. Let me give you a quick example of what I mean. Bioshock is a gaming series consisting of 3 games as of right now (possible 4th adaptation on the way), playable on the PC, PS4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Consoles. A stunning, fascinating, beautifully designed game with a well-thought-out story and a great way of delivering the lore to the player all that is put together with 1st Person Shooter elements. I just recently played through the 3rd installation of the Series, Bioshock Infinite, not for the first time though (;. Also, an amazing game in my opinion. A lot of action, a great story, a fantastic, well-fitting soundtrack, and beautiful visuals. Now that’s a complex and very large story game. Is it or will it ever be available on mobile? The simple answer to that is: No. This game is simply much too difficult to be put on Mobile devices, well, at least as of right now. We never know what the future brings us! But see what I mean? There are certain amazing games that can be played on all modern consoles and PCs but are simply lacking Mobile support. So, the mobile is better for small, quick games that you can play anywhere without any issues regarding controls or whatever.

I have to say, I’m secretly a huge fan of puzzling, arcade, jump and run games. I just love that these games manage to stay simple, while also being very enjoyable to play. Since I was small, I have been playing these games and I’m still able to enjoy these games today. What is interesting to me is that there are many, many games that are basically the exact same with only small changes made to not make it an exact clone that just pops up everywhere I go! As ads on different websites or just games on the mobile market. For example, a game that is spread all over the place is Candy Crush, or at least its clones. Now I don’t really mind playing a “clone” of an already existing game – as long as it keeps its gameplay mostly the same and doesn’t change stuff around. I mean at the end of the day; it is still one and the same game. So, I’m not putting it as a bad thing, but rather, I find it fascinating that there are basically so many versions of the same game. But let’s be honest here: the most profit still goes to the original game creators, just because it still is the most popular version of that game, like Candy Crush. All the other clones are basically just getting their money maybe from small ads or in-game purchases, which is rather unlikely to pop up in a clone of another game.

So, what I wanted to also write about is this website, called Now, based on the name of the site, you might think there’s only going to be solitaire available there. But to my surprise, there are lots of other, different games, too! But how did I even manage to get to exactly this website? Well, I don’t really know about this website, my mother told me that I should go and check it out, you know, test out some games and just roam around a little, and so I did. I went on there with the first thing in sight being Solitaire. Now, I just wanted to say, I’m a huge fan of solitaire. Like, am a really huge fan. I just love the simple, but also very challenging aspects of the game. Every now and then I suddenly get the unstoppable desire to play a round of Solitaire, and I always end up playing, but then, I get stuck and don’t know how to continue, so I simply just give up. I’m not trying to say that the game is unfair or “too hard” or anything like that, I’m just saying, that, well, I never really win at the game. Yes, I know how to play it but sometimes you just get stuck somewhere in the middle and just can’t figure out what to do. And after some time, you just simply call it a day. But I like that. I always want to come back to somehow try to beat the game and sometimes I actually manage to end around in a victory. Only sometimes, though. But I digress, so let’s get back to the website, shall we! Alright so first, but the not only thing you’re going to see upon entering the website is simple Solitaire. But now you may ask yourself: “What other games is he going to talk about? All I heard so far is Solitaire this, and Solitaire that, JUST SHOW US THE OTHER GAMES!”. So, let’s get going! Now I’m first going to tell you a little about the games that I tried out and enjoyed. 

Candy Fiesta

The first one is a game that reminds you strongly about Candy Crush! It’s called “Candy Fiesta”.


In the two screenshots above you can see how the game looks. And you can’t really tell the difference between that, and Candy Crush! But again, not a bad thing. Just pointing out again how you can play Candy Crush in basically any form possible. You can find the game in the “Match 3” Category of the Website. Now the interesting thing about this is, that it’s actually in the upright mobile phone format, so not your usual online-game video format. It’s no surprise that it looks similar to mobile because most people play it on there so that’s probably how it was programmed. Now this game works a little different than Candy Crush. Instead of just ending when you finish a mission or something, the game ends after 65 Moves, as you may or may not see on the screenshot above. So you have 65 moves to get the highest score possible, and when you out of moves, the game ends and you see your final score on the screen. I finished rather quickly, I think 5 minutes it was. Well, it’s the same concept as other Match 3 games, you move the pieces, or in this case “Hard Candy” so it makes a row of three. Once you managed to do that, the row will disappear and there’s often a chain reaction of other pieces vanishing or “exploding” which adds to your score. These chain reactions can trigger combos if they go on for a certain amount of time. The higher the combo multiplier gets, the bigger your score will end up being. I have to say, I really enjoyed playing this game. There’s just something so satisfying about those candy pieces all exploding one after another and the score getting higher and higher. I love Match 3 games, so do I love this one. I also love the little cat popping up at the corner once you get combos or especially high scores. Overall, it’s really well designed, and you can tell that there was an actual effort to create a unique game instead of straight-up ripping off Candy Crush or another Match 3 game. All in all, it’s a great game and I would definitely, almost 100% come back to this game because it’s just great for killing some time while being fun to play.

But there’s another game that I tested out which was a little more than challenging, but lots and lots of fun!!! You’re probably familiar with the concept, so let me just show it to you:



It’s called: Daily Word Search. You can find this game in the “Word” Category. Now, this is a really challenging one. I even wrote down how long it took me to find all of the words. 36 MINUTES!!! Now, keep in mind that you can select different sizes of these Word-Fields. Of course, I chose the biggest one because I wanted to have a real challenge. The first few minutes that I played this I was like: “Yeah, this is an easy one”. But the more I progressed and the more words I found, the harder it became actually find more words. I really thought I had to give up because I was stuck for like at least 10 minutes! But I never give up (except in Solitaire…) so I kept on playing and when I finally found the last word I was literally cheering, jumping off from my chair, thinking ‘Yes! I did it!’. That was really fun, and I had to concentrate really hard to find all the words. I haven’t been so challenged by a game I think in some years! I really liked it and I would definitely play this again and again and again! Even now while I was making these Screenshots, I couldn’t stop myself from searching for a few words until I got back to writing this.

You have different options while playing, you can turn off the SFX, and the music and you could also restart a level. What’s also interesting is that you can select a different date and it will automatically give you the word of the day for that exact date. So today, while writing this, is the 26th of May and the words included in the word search our daily words. So if I wanted to have the daily words of tomorrow, I just have to select the date for tomorrow and I would get the daily words of the 27th of May. I have to admit, most of these words that you have to find, I’ve never heard before. I would definitely recommend this game to everyone reading this right now, it’s definitely worth your time, given that that’s the type of game you’d actually enjoy playing.

Now the other Categories on this Site are Solitaire, Card, Mahjong, Hidden Object, and Logic Puzzles. So, there’s really a big variety of games on here, and I can only recommend it. It’s great if you want to play a quick round of solitaire or mahjong and even Match 3 games like Candy Fiesta! So, I hope you enjoyed reading through this and I can only say that I really enjoyed testing out these games and writing this article to all of you!

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