January 26, 2020

Oversize Jumper Dresses & My New Orders From Femmeluxefinery

Hello, my dear friends. Here I am again with a new style post from Femmeluxefinery. We are experiencing the coldest days of winter in Austria and many countries of the world. Since I thought it would be appropriate for this period, I chose to talk about jumper dresses in my style post today. I chose a modern and comfortable 3 jumper dress model that will keep you warm in my favourites list in winter. Their turtleneck is also a point I like. I love to wear a turtleneck in the winter.

Jumper Dresses From Femmeluxefinery

My January Orders From Femmeluxefinery

Unfortunately, the package I ordered last month was lost due to the Christmas density of the mail. When I wrote this to the femmeluxefinery company, the courteous customer representative said that I could order a second package. They responded to every message I wrote so far on the same day. In general, I get packages very quickly.
This month, I ordered a turtleneck mini dress-sweater (can be worn either way), mom jeans, a summer lace dress and a black wrap dress.

  • A tiny warning. The company's sizes are quite narrow. I need to order one or two sizes larger than the size I bought in Austria. I suggest you carefully read the size descriptions of all the clothes you choose and place your order. Sending back is also an option, but I personally don't like sending back a package. If you don't like it too, pay attention to the explanations in order not to order a faulty clothing size.

  • This post includes product links from femmeluxefinery clothing brand.


  1. Beautiful jumpers!
    Happy Sunday :)

  2. Nice products, your choices are fantastic and you look amazing wearing them.
    I was wandering whar happened to your google account, blog link is not attached any more...

    1. Thank you dear. Sometimes I write my comments via my Facebook account that must be the reason. Everything is ok with my google ☺️


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