These Skinny Jeans From Jennifer Aniston Make Us Look Slimmer!

These skinny jeans from Jennifer Aniston make us look slimmer!

Jennifer Aniston has been a true style icon for years. But apart from her famous "Rachel-Cut" we are now also inspired by her jeans!

jennifer aniston style

Jennifer Aniston: real style icon

Actress Jennifer Aniston shaped the 90s with her role as "Rachel Green" in the cult series "Friends" - no question. To date, her hairstyle is world-famous. But now we can also see something from her when it comes to clothing. Her jeans namely! Jennifer Aniston Jeans doesn't just look great, no. It also makes you look much slimmer! Every single fashion blog and magazine talk about her jean style.

Her black skinny jeans conjure up a slim figure and fit like a glove. Not just by the way, by the way - she would look at least as good to us. We give Jennifer Aniston a thumb for her fashion sense and buy her these skinny jeans right away, right? At the age of 50, Jennifer Aniston still knows how to confidently convince with an outfit. But how do we best wear skinny jeans? The answer should not surprise you, because: You can combine skinny jeans with everything and look great.
Skinny jeans: how do I combine the pants correctly?

If you like wearing black clothes, you can still wear black skinny jeans. The all-black-everything look looks very chic in everyday life and also very elegant in the evening when you want to go out. If you want to stretch your legs visually, we recommend that you also wear ankle boots. If you like it more elegant in the evening, we recommend high heels! And upstairs? Wear either a simple top or a boyfriend blazer.

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