4 Important Fashion Rules That Always Apply - How To Be Always Trendy

Fashion is an area that is difficult to live and follow every day. Some days long clothes become fashionable, some days minis. Shoe collections, accessories, clothes are changing rapidly. However, there are some rules will never change, though these trendy trends. If you use to follow these rules, you're gonna stay always in and stylish.

How To Be A Clever Fashionista?

1- Choose only one point in your combination to focus on. When the patterns, embroideries and colours are mixed together, the clothes on you get an incomprehensible look.

The messy and mixed style is quite distracting. Choose to use only one of the embroidered glitter and fancy pieces in your combinations.

You cannot choose your skirt, jacket and blouse from interesting pieces. Remember to focus on only one attractive eye-catcher piece.

2- Don't use shoes, bag and accessories in the same colour as your outfit.

Even though it is not as bad as making your eye makeup in the colour of your clothes, shoe-bag suits can make you look outmoded.

Instead of choosing your shoes and bag as a team, put together a variety of matching but different bags. The same rule should apply to your accessory selection. Stay as far away from team sets as possible. You don't have to fit your necklace, earring ring and bracelet together.

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3- Didn't you think it was time to get away from the small shawls and foulards from a blanket?

Although shawls used with coats and jackets are always a piece that creates elegance, the age of the scarf used as an accessory on the outfit has passed.


So if you have a scarf wrapped around your neck as an accessory, take a look in the mirror before you leave the house. Remove your scarf and put a necklace in its place. (Bad news for a scarf lover just like me )

4- Women with short neck create a nice silhouette with long necklaces and V-neck models.

The V effect you create in your combinations always makes you look more attractive and feminine. That doesn't change the fact that you wear a sports shirt or fancy blouses.

v neck clothes

Moreover, you can create the V effect not only with your collar model but also with your accessories. For this, instead of the U-model necklace pendant necklace, you can choose V-shaped.

I tried to summarize the four unchanging fashion rules. But let us not forget that every woman knows what suits her. I always believe in the importance of creating our own style instead of following the latest fashion. This saves us both time and money. It is very practical to have many clothes that can fit together in our closets, so we can create a lot of different combinations.  And since we choose the clothes that suit us best, we don't take risks.

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