My Very Bad E bay Experience

Hi everybody !!! Today I have to post about something bad. I had a bad experience with my last e bay order and I think I have to tell about it here. I write allways my honest rewiews and they could be sometimes not good. 

Exactly at 3rd November I order a hair styling product from e bay. It was my fırst e bay order, but my man is a very old e bay customer. He has never a bad experience so I thought try it too. The brand that I have ordered is Obocool. I wait one month long and as I see that I received nothing I wrote a message. After the 3 first days it was impossible to follow the order with tracking number. They asked me to check my adress informations. They were all ok. They said it can took one month or a little bit longer. After 1,5 month I send a new message. They asked me to check my adress informations. I was really angry. I wrote to pay pal and e bay. After the second month I wrote that I don' t want to wait longer and I want my money back. They asked me to ckeck my adress !!! I couldn' t believe it !!! 

After my second contact with pay pal and e bay, they give my money back and one day after I received my products. Sure I paid again. It was really a frustrated process and I don' t think that I will order again from the same brand. Sure I don' t want to say that shopping from e bay is wrong, but we have to be very carefully as customers. By amazon I have never had a problem till now and I have to say that they have a better customer department. 
Did you have such problems with your online orders? Please tell me about that with your comment. I know that it is very helpfull to read honest customer rewiews. Have a nice day. 

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