My Last Dm And Bipa Shopping Day-November 2018 Haul

Hey everybody !!! I know I don' t add my cosmetic shopping everytime. Thats not why I am not shopping ( ooo yes I do very oft) but that' s why I am forgetting to take pictures before using the products :) Last week I was at dm and Bipa both, and I bought some very lovely products. So I would like to share them with you too. Perfume from La Rive. This has a very light fragnance with Top note: Jamaica-Pepper, Freesias, Heart note: Jasmin, Roses and Basisnote: Sandal holze, Cedar holze, soft smoke. But you have to renew it every few hours. 

Here is the ingredience of perfume. 

I love those tiny essence perfumes. We are using them together with my daughter. They are really very good for everyday use. This one was 'like a first day in spring'

My dm and Bipa beauty products. Neutrogena Visibly clean peeling.

My blogger friend Absolut ehrlich has recommend me, Balea Vital anti Pigment marks, for my pigment marks at my face. I love her honest rewiews, thats why I asked her. I used this poduct for a month and now I bought Balea dark sports brighter. I have to say after a month I see a very very little difference but you can not see that at pictures yet. I will try it together with the new product and if I see a big difference I can share it with you. I have those pigment marks till my pregnancy time and unfortunatelly they are not going away. 

I love balea products from dm and I buy something everytime. This is a hair spray for more volume. I have very thinn hairs without volume and those kind of products are very helpfull. 

Nail polishremover from Bipa Look quick to go. These products are very usefull for hand nails.

And my last products are Panthene Pro-V shampoo for more volume and a hare care product for more volume Panthene Pro-V 3 minutes miracle

I hope I don' t forget to share my beauty products next time. See you soon. Thanks for visiting. Stay healthy, and beautifull. 

  • This is not a promoting post. All products are payed by myself.

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