August 14, 2018

3 Wonderfull Dresses and 3 Sweaters From Fashionmia-Deria`s Choices

Hi everybody!!! I have today a post for the last summer days and for the first autumn days. There are some good news at lovely fashion brand Fashionmia . I love love love their beautiful collection. They have very stylish shift dresses for the last summer month. I don`t know about you but I am going holliday soon and I still need some new dresses. Let' s take a look to my lists.

Dresses :

I choose 3 modern and stylish dresses for you but there are much more models . It ´s really a good idea to take a look at Fashionmia home page.

dress-white dress- ootd-shift dress
This white dress with flowers was my favorite. I like those cut at dresses. What do you think about it?

A very elegant piece. This summer dress with flowers is the perfect choice for business but also for a coctail or for a dinner too. 

dress-dresses-shift dresses
A very stylish and sexy yellow dress. I like it too much. You can wear it almost everywhere at hot summer days.

Sweaters :

My second  new is about very elegant women's sweaters on sale to beginn the autumn season. 
At the first autumn days it`a not really cold but also not too warm. A sweater can be the right choice for those days. And even if it`s colder you can wear them with a jacket.

A very stylish and elegant blue sweater. 

sweater-fringe sweater
Modern but elegant. 

You can wear this cool olive green sweater as a mini dress too. 

This was my post about shift dresses and women sweaters from Fashionmia. I hope you like them. Please share your thoughts with a comment. Thanks for visiting my blog. I wish you a very nice day. Stay stylish... 

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