May 15, 2018

Mother Day Shopping From Rosegal - Deria' s Choices

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Rosegal order. Rosegal rewiew. Rosegal Accessories. 

Hi everybody !!! It' me again with a new shopping post. As you know I am a mother of 3 kids and I would like to make a present to myself as every year. Sure I receive presents from my kids too, but I am proud of myself to be a good mother. This year I don' t want to miss rosegal mother day gift shop special action and I ordered some accessories. I am absolutely an accessory maniac. I don' t even know how many bags or jewellery I use to have. 

accessories-boho-bohemian-jewellery-bag-fringe bag
I love love love this ethno-boho style chain !!! I am crazy about boho accessories since years. I am for about three year a rosegal customer, and I can say they have wonderfull accessories and bags. 

I made this picture, to show you what professional package I received from rosegal. Jewellery, bags and other accessories are always very good packaged. 

Unfortunatelly this beautifull and very elegant set is sold out, but don' t worry ; you can find more wonderfull sets at rosegal online shopping page. 

I have a pair suede fringe boots and as I saw this bag I said to me ' Girl. You have to buy this !!! ' 

It' s a very comfortable bag with a lot storage place. I am a fun from big bags. I have allways a lot of things to carry in :)

That was my last order from rosegal. It takes 3 to 4 weeks to receive my packages, but it is ok. I am very happy to wear my new jewellery and about my new boho bag. Don' t forget to take a look at rosegal online shopping page for exciting discounts. 
Thanks for reading and you can share my post if you like. Have a happy and stylish day:)

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  1. Your fringe bag is beautiful. Good style girl 😊

  2. I love your fringe bag and also the jewelleries. I will look at rosegal for more. Thanks dear 😊


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